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Booking Terms


For the 2022 Season, we anticipate offering “traditional,” non-socially distanced visits, IF you wish. Santa and his helpers are fully Vaccinated. Santa and his helpers will wear masks at your request. Please let us know before our visit, we will have masks with us.*** 

Santa and his helpers will also adhere to any reasonable COVID precautions at your request at the time of booking. Use the “Order Notes” section at checkout to make your requests. 

We ask that you make sure your guests are feeling well, are fever free, have not been sick or are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms the week before your visit, and practice good hygiene. Additionally, if we feel you or any of your guests may be too ill, we reserve the right to end the visit at any time, and you will still be responsible for the entire booking fee.

***Asking us to wear masks DOES NOT mean it is okay to book our services with guests that are known to be ILL. In this situation, booking will be cancelled and no refund will be given***



  • Santa Claus $150 per hour
  • Mrs. Claus $125 per hour
  • Elfettes $100 per hour (per Elfette)

Rates are a minimum of 1 hour and all time is figured in full hour blocks. Bookings are non-refundable unless for some reason we have to cancel. 

Please note – a visit starts when Santa arrives at your location, not when he enters your party. 

TRAVEL CHARGE (based from zip code 68510)

  • No travel charge for under 50 miles
  • 51-100 miles $50
  • 101-149 miles $100
  • 150 miles $150 (we don’t travel further than 150 miles)


  • 10 Minutes $30
  • 15 Minutes $37.50
  • 30 Minutes $75

GIFT SERVICE (delivering gifts to people at party)

Usually gifts are given to Santa when he arrives, before he makes his entrance, and he passes them out to guests; there is no charge for this service.

All gifts must be WELL MARKED. Santa prefers larger letters and printed handwriting.  Host to provide all gifts. Santa does not provide the gifts.

  • Must fit in Santa’s bag or the client shall provide additional bags.
  • If labeled, please include the correct spelling of names and make the presents easily identifiable.
  • Not responsible for broken / damaged / lost gifts.

Items that won’t fit in Santa’s bag: $15 extra.
Not over 25 pounds; if gifts are over 25 pounds, please be prepared to help Santa and / or his helpers carry / deliver them at the event.


  • Many times Santa will be accompanied by at least one other person; his helper is there to ensure Santa has what he needs, is safe, monitors the crowd, and conducts all business transactions.  Not to staff your event.
  • He will not eat in costume.
  • Santa loves pets, and will do Pet Pictures!  But sometimes they don’t love him, please be prepared to restrain or kennel them if he asks.
  • Santa will also bring candy canes for each child (and usually each member of the party); you can request that he not do this, or if you would like to substitute something else, in which case the client will need to provide and assume costs for the substitution.
  • We try our best to be there on time, but cannot guarantee an on time arrival, especially when dealing with high traffic times, inclement weather, or busy nights (like Christmas Eve), so please be patient and understand that there are things Santa cannot control.  One of Santa’s helpers will notify you when they are enroute and provide you with updates as to their ETA while in transit.  Typically though, Santa arrives early.
  • For events longer than 2 hours, additional requests may be made to accommodate Santa for restroom or possibly meal breaks.
  • Santa and his companion(s) / helper(s) have the right to terminate the visit at any time if either party feels unsafe for any reason.  No Refund will be issued


Payment in full is required at the time of booking of all events and activities with Holiday Santa Rental.

Gratitudes are accepted and appreciated.  We do ask that any tips be given to one of Santa’s helpers or in private.  It is important to us to minimize children seeing Santa getting money.

We understand that things can come up, but due to Santa’s extremely busy schedule, once an event, zoom call or in-home visit is scheduled we are unable to reschedule.  Also because we have the time frame blocked we will not issue a refund.


Clients / event goers can take their own pictures, with their own camera unless specified by the event’s organizer.

Santa’s helpers may take photos with patrons camera’s if available and do not interfere with other duties.

Holiday Santa Rental does retain copyright of their Santa and his likeness and their images. Event hosts are allowed to use the Santa provided by Holiday Santa Rental images to sell (such as portraits) or to promote selling of goods / services / events to the event hosts listed in the booking contract only and specified at the time of booking. All events or marketing promotions need to be approved at the time of booking. Any event or party goers capitalizing on their
pictures will be subject to paying royalties or paying for the amount of the full contract in which the image was taken.

Likewise, Holiday Santa Rental and its agents will be taking photographs at the event and may use those photos, and the people / images / events depicted in them for social media or other promotional use, including promoting events not associated with the host of the event where the picture was taken. Upon booking, the hosts agree to allow all guests to be photographed and their images used for promotional purposes. If an individual disagrees, they need to contact or inform Holiday Santa Rental to have an image removed / stop use. Holiday Santa Rental will not pay royalties or commissions to any individual depicted in their pictures being used, such fees will be the responsibility of the host.

Not responsible for picture quality or camera’s damages / performance if any issues arise.

We do not offer any photography services. If you need a photographer, we can recommend some photographers in the area.  Holiday Santa rental is not responsible for or liable for any agreements made with any photographer(s).

Client also assumes all liability in the instance of any injury or accident to any members of the party or Santa and his companion(s).

For all adult events it is the responsibility of the event organizer to provide the proper Safety measure for Santa and his helpers.  Any damages to Santa’s suit or his helper’s suits will be charged to the event organizers.   We reserve the right to leave an event for our safety or if the above mentioned measures are not in place.